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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Show and Tell

I've decided to show you a couple wall hangings I have made in the past and actually kept for myself! Both were very time consuming with all the hand applique that was involved. These were also my first, and almost only, attempts at hand quilting.

I like the simplicity of this "Garden Path" wall hanging. I decided to use it for my banner and avatar on Etsy.

The clam shell wall hanging started without any clear design in mind. But we were planning a birding trip to Panama around the time that I started working on it. We were going to be staying at a place called Canopy Tower, where from our vantage point above the tree tops we would be able to observe the birds in the forest canopy. As I worked, the clamshell shapes came to symbolize the tree tops so I purposely picked fabrics with birds in them.

Around the border I appliqued a vine and leaves and then attached some three dimensional flowers.

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