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Monday, July 27, 2009

It's My Bag

I changed my mind...after all it is a woman's prerogrative to do so! Perhaps David and I both sporting similar navy bags would be too "Bobbsey twin cutesy". So I found a brushed denim and made another. It was just the spot too for the Pretty Bird button that my sister had found for me on her travels.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Navy shoulder bags

I liked the bag and decided I needed one too.....a bit smaller, a brighter interior and a different shaped flap with a vintage button closure....and the bag above is the result.

David's carry-all

We have a trip to Ecuador coming up in December and David needed something to comfortably carry around "The Birds of Ecuador", a colossal tome which will be his bible while we're there! And the book itself needed a jacket to keep it clean and protected. I had the perfect fabric for it.

The bag needed somthing sturdy and a navy twill that had been acquired at an auction sale was the perfect choice. A divided pocket on the back is the perfect place to keep a notebook and pen handy while the interior is sized to comfortably hold the field guide.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cosmetic bag....purse, wristlet?

My friend is celebrating a "milestone" birthday next week and I wanted to give her something when we went out to dinner to celebrate. But what?
I know she would appreciate something handmade and I certainly have lots of fabric to make something. But....I was in Creative Sisters (a superb local fabric store)....and they had a 20% off sale....and you can't leave a fabric store without fabric when there's a sale's a provincial law.....I swear..... so I bought a couple pieces to make this little bag. I hope she likes it.
Of course, once I had this one made I started looking around my sewing room for more fabrics, and with a little adjustment to the pattern, this one developed.
Hmm, which one would she prefer??

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Luggage Tags

I thought these luggage tags would work well with the luggage handle wraps I posted awhile ago.
No excuse for not spotting your luggage now....unless someone has stolen it just to get your nifty identification tags!!

Show and Tell

I've decided to show you a couple wall hangings I have made in the past and actually kept for myself! Both were very time consuming with all the hand applique that was involved. These were also my first, and almost only, attempts at hand quilting.

I like the simplicity of this "Garden Path" wall hanging. I decided to use it for my banner and avatar on Etsy.

The clam shell wall hanging started without any clear design in mind. But we were planning a birding trip to Panama around the time that I started working on it. We were going to be staying at a place called Canopy Tower, where from our vantage point above the tree tops we would be able to observe the birds in the forest canopy. As I worked, the clamshell shapes came to symbolize the tree tops so I purposely picked fabrics with birds in them.

Around the border I appliqued a vine and leaves and then attached some three dimensional flowers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reversible vintage quilt- upcycled

I think the hummer was attracted to the reds in my latest quilt!

You wouldn't think that cutting apart two old quilts and sewing them back together would take so much time! But it was making this one totally reversible that required patience.

One side features pieced basket blocks while the other is simply solid red quilted blocks. But what reds! The old quilts were faded to varying shades of red which creates a wonderful dappled look set off to great effect (I think!) by the black print sashing strips joining the squares. The sashing on the other side is a solid light green which picks up on the basket handles. Even the binding is reversible so that it matches the sashing, no matter which side is displayed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Drawstring bag

Another bag today, but this one with a twist....literally. The squares are pieced together in such a way that they spiral up the sides of the bag, a feature that is highlighted on the inside by the binding that encloses the raw seams. It seemed like the garden was the perfect place to photograph this summery little "bucket" bag.
While there I captured our ruby-throated hummingbird coming for a drink at her feeder.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Paisley quilt

That box of fabric at the garage sale also contained a huge piece of paisley. Great for trying out new ideas on, I thought. But once I got a couple squares done I realized it looked pretty good. Hours and hours later this is what I had accomplished.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Up-cycled pot holders

I grew up in a home where very little was thrown away. I still have difficulty doing that. But when I came across this goose panel in a box of fabrics I purchased this weekend at a garage sale I really didn't think I would have a use for it....but then the corners caught my eye....just enough fabric there for a pot holder??
It turns out there was, in fact for 4 pot holders, at least with the addition of a strip of coordinating broadcloth. The rick rack trim is along the edge of a pocket. This pocket allows you to slip your hand inside and use the pot holder as you would an oven mitt.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Custom ordered backpack

I finished the custom order for I want one!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Original design backpack

My husband has started referring to me as "the bag lady"! Not much wonder since lately backpacks have been leaving my sewing room at the rate of one every couple of days. When a customer on Etsy saw one that I had listed there she asked for one just a bit larger. This is the prototype that I made using fabric that I had on hand. Hers will be in a purple, green and blue paisley. I can't wait to see it!