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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Balls

I know! I neglect my blog for weeks on end and then I do two postings in one day! But I wanted to share this idea with you. All you need are the plain glass balls (available at Michaels...don't forget your 40% off coupon!) and whatever you want to put inside. I started with fabric scraps cut into small pieces, then started adding strings of seed pearls. But then I started looking for something with more sparkle to it. I suddenly remembered that box of bows and trims saved from gifts received in the past which I intended to use in the future. I cut the loops off the bows, cut them into narrower strips and curled them. Just drop into the glass ball after removing the hanging cap and when filled (with just enough room left to gently shake to re-position the items inside) replace the top, add a bow and a hanging loop and you have a beautiful decoration for your tree or to give as a gift. All for only the cost of the glass ball.

Miriam's Sewing Studio: Modern Vintage Quilt

Modern Vintage Quilt

It's amazing how the choice of fabric can impact a quilt. When my sister saw a picture of the latest one that I made she asked if it was an antique. Other adjectives could be applied to it.... up-cycled, repurposed, eco-friendly.... but it was made only last week so antique is definitely not one of them. The squares were cut from vintage sheets and from a few pieces of discontinued cottons left over from previous projects. The white sashing brought it all to life and the soft green corner squares added another note of interest. The pale cotton print backing seemed the perfect choice for the muted pastels shades on the front.

Soft and pretty, this quilt would feel right at home in a shabby chic cottage environment.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's Have a Picnic

Lately I find myself browsing through thrift shops in search of fabric more often than I shop at my local fabric store. I have fallen in love with the feel and look of vintage sheets which take on a faded appearance and a silky softness from repeated washings. These sheets have been up-cycled into practical aprons, functional tea cozies, festive buntings and the most romantic of quilts. But my latest use for quilts was this picnic set. How cute is this??

You can have a picnic anywhere and at any time of year. Spread a quilt, unpack a basket full of  thrift shop find dishes, unfold a napkin, even hang a bunting, and a simple picnic becomes a memorable event!!